The Answers To Our Future

We sit. Waiting. For what, we know not. The inevitable arrives sooner or later - given the nature of its name. The signs of time worn minds and bodies all point to a single truth but yet in this, what we wait for, we know not. We look to the future for answers. Instead we... Continue Reading →


Art, School and The Youth

It's no secret that children like to dive deep into their imagination and pick up a crayon and color on any surface they can possibly find. Besides parents frustration and the constant chore of scrubbing walls and making sure there's enough paper, is there something more to this simple childhood characteristic? In elementary school and... Continue Reading →

Fiction Short – The Light By The Sea

The icy ocean waves crash upon the rocky shore in a consistent mechanic rhythm. The cliff overshadows the world beneath, leaving a shrouded mystery of the events taking place.  The light from the lighthouse tries to cut through the thick gray clouds that hang low leaving the sky filled with dolor but fail against the... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s A Photographer.

There is a circulating cloud over artistry that creates a stigma of pursuing a particular craft or skill. From Renassiance painting to modern day photographers, art has constantly and consistently been evolving to keep up with the times. Resources for arts have become increasingly accessible making it easy for anyone to grab some paint or a... Continue Reading →

Autumn Falls

Dried leaves and twigs crunch under the detective’s feet with every step. Shattering the ominous silence throughout the forest. Fresh autumn air fill the lungs of the detective leaving a sense of euphoria throughout him. A part of the world but the forest, the forest is an escape for him. Lush pines prepare for the... Continue Reading →

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